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use unfinished soups for the next customer

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canada goose black friday sale Not surprisingly customers started leaving as the food quality degraded. This caused the son to panic and cut even more costs. He fired most of the old staff and thus overworked the remaining. He couldn't fire me because I was the only one left who knew how to do the soup. He also stopped using quality ingredients and started to buy cheap pre packaged staff in order to reduce my prep work hours. After a few months of this I got sick of his crap. As I was about to start college myself I told him that I was giving him my notice. He of course took this poorly and told me that I was a loser. He told me not to bother coming in tomorrow, but I was to spend the remainder of my canadagooseuk shift showing a recent hire on how to do my job, stating that he would not issue my last check if I didn't complete a canada goose outlet montreal thorough hand over. I laughed in his face and walked out on the spot, I didn't bother chasing up my last check. canada goose black friday sale

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